Lexy Silverstein: Are Chanel Classic Handbags a Good Investment?
Chanel 11.12 Classic Medium Flap Bag

What Luxury Handbags have Increased in Price?

A Chanel Medium Classic Flap has increased 665% in value over the past three decades. Fashion is my thing, not math, so please feel free to check my numbers. In the 1990’s a Chanel Medium Classic Flap sold for $1150 and in 2021 a new handbag is selling for $8800…

Sustainable fabrics have little to no impact on the environment. It’s fabric that is natural, recycled or biodegradable. In order for the fabric to be truly sustainable the entire production process from sourcing to sale to extending the lifespan through recycling should be considered. Such as:

  • Little or no chemicals


Who doesn’t love new clothes? If I could constantly have new clothes in my closet, trust me, I would. We joke about the need for “retail therapy” when we are having a bad day. Well scientists concur it’s a very real thing. …

Unless it’s Purchased at a Second-hand Store

Fur… to wear or not to wear? That is the question for those who care about the planet. More and more brands are deciding against making it or even selling it. This as some states and countries have actually banned the sale of fur.

The fur debate made national news…

The World’s Most Popular Clothing Might Also Be The Most Dangerous

Lexy Silverstein, Clean Fashion Blogger in Thrifted Blue Jeans

Jeans are an American fashion statement that’s become a global addiction. Seriously, jeans might just be the most popular article of clothing in the world.

But… did you know that when it comes to the fashion industry’s impact on…

Lexy Silverstein

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